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MAG Property Development



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Located in the Dubai HealthCare City expansion area, the new development will complete and integrate the wellness and care offer in Dubai, expanding tourism and high-level hospitality services. The project area is placed near a major road junction, between Al Khail Road and Dubai Creek extension. The new project will be closed on this front toward the highway hub, to protect it from noise pollution and traffic roads. The proximity to the City is definitely an added value: it will be maintained a connection enhanced through new road links, and through an open valorized view of the skyline.


The area has a great natural and scenic value, thanks to the nearby Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary, a wetland reserve renowned for attracting migratory birds in large numbers, including flamingos. The presence of a waterfront is a main design topic: it adds value to the new expansion as a landscape element and as a main source for thermo hygrometric comfort. The site has a total area of 83.954 square meters, in which Heathcare, Hospitality, Commercial and Residential land uses are admitted, with a maximum plot coverage of 40 . of the total area.


Our intent is to offer not just a place to stay and to spend your time, but we want to create a feeling, a state of peace and bliss, a unique perfect sensation as a Ionely place outside the world, a total regeneration for heart and soul. All the masterplan has been designed to simplify and encourage an healthy lifestyle: a new community in which wellness becomes a state of well-being, for body and mind. So it is important to include the best environmental strategies for sustainability and energy saving, to produce a system practicable, habitable and comfortable. For this reason the architecture of all buildings is linked to that of green areas and open spaces: so the buildings, as curved shape, receive on their own bend an outdoor green courtyard; the water gets inside the plot becoming an essential part of the design. A design in which dominates green and nature, where the sound of water replaces that noise of traffic and chaotic urban life. A design inspired to organic shapes in which wellness becomes a state of mind.




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