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Society IVREA 24 - Abitare sostenibile



10000,000 sqm

The project Sharing, Sharing and HOUSING IDEAS, won the tender announced by the City of Turin in 2008, promoted by the Fondazione CRT Growth and Development Foundation and the Cooperative DOC addition, provides for the recovery of real estate in the neighborhood of the 70s Pietra Alta. The poor condition of the building, the need for a substantial remediation and retrofit, led to a total rethinking of the complex through the functional reorganization of the connections vertical, horizontal, and its interior spaces. The intent is to convert the former apartment house for employees of the Post Office in a building to be used in various forms of temporary social housing (quarters, residence, campus and hotel) that will offer inside also sociorelazionali services, health and business open to the entire territory.


The complex is located in an area of about 10,000 square meters, consists of 2 buildings of 9 floors each, involves the construction of 180 residential units including 122 with kitchenette and 58 without, for a total of about 480 beds . The complex will be reserved to persons with temporary housing problems such as young couples, single mothers with children, students, people waiting for public housing, posted workers, immigrants. Support services will also be offered as a mediation center, legal services, medical clinics at controlled prices, gathering places for cultural activities and events, as well as a bio-market, laundry, bar and restaurant.


The redevelopment project of the architectural studiocosta & partners, parent company of ATP with Studio Mellano Associati, is a rethinking of the building through the use of color that will give a new rhythm to the facades which will be used for de-polluting materials and photocatalytic self-cleaning. We will use environmentally friendly materials, a solar PV system for the production of electricity and a solar thermal plant that will produce hot water intended to complement more than 60% of the needs. They will also be used for passive solar systems to maximize the radiation of the sun in winter and ensure interior comfort even in summer. The system of insulation ensure a high thermal insulation; the fixtures will be replaced with more efficient windows and doors from functional point of view and energy. These solutions will leading to a decrease in fuel consumption and heating costs.




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