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Ponte San Giovanni (PG) - Italy






So. Ges. Hit. S.r.l.



12,750 m2 (recidencies gross floor area)

3,000 m2 (offices gross floor area)

3,500 m2 (commercial gross floor area)

19,700 m2 (parking gross floor area)

The project site is a fundamental urban surface for the completion of Ponte S. Giovanni’s urban center. Programmed by the Master Plan, the site is a 19,900 m2 tract of flat land bordering the railroad track (F.C.U.) on the north-west side, with Via Adriatica south-east limit, Via Manzoni up north and private property limits the west side.

Being the first residential project based on sustainable design principles, the project makes use of energy efficient technology and low impact materials/resources. In particular, every residential dwelling is equipped with a “greenhouse”, that captures the suns rays, strictly connected to the living areas.

Programmatic needs include urban redevelopment and conversion of the industrial area into a central multi-use development area.

The multi-use urban development is distinguished by a succession of public areas, plazas and public green areas.



The residential and commercial areas are directly connected to the public service facilities. The four building blocks required will be identified by the letters E, F, G and H. The F and G buildings will be of residential use; the ground floor of the residential blocks will house commercial activities and public service facilities. On the south-west limit of the area the H building will be used for commercial activities; on the north side the E building houses retail activities on the ground floor and private office space taking over as one ascends.

The parking facilities can be reached by a new roadway connected to Via Adriatica and Via Manzoni.




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