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Jesi Savings Bank



Preliminary design, schematic design, design

development and project administration


Square meters amount:

20,000 m2; 84,200 m3




The new headquarters for the Savings Bank of Jesi is located in an area delimited by Via della Figuretta and the Esino property development area. It is also conveniently connected to the State Roadway n° 76 and the Super Highway. This commission had been acquired through a National Design Competition where this project had been awarded fi rst place. The complex includes the main building, which is located on the broad fl at area overlooking the City of Jesi and a smaller building located further downhill that acts as the portal for those who arrive from the direction of the State Roadway.


The open courtyard scheme aligns with the same north-south axis as the adjacent public gardens and sport fi elds. It’s composed of two U-shaped buildings that each correspond to a specific phase of realization that are connected by a common base element. The inner most block develops on four levels and the outer block on three. The common base element contains one level on grade and two levels below grade. The court is enclosed on the open end by a suspended bridge-like block at the attic level. The two U-shaped buildings are primarily composed of fl exible offi ce spaces. On the ground fl oor and the fi rst level of the inner block is dedicated to the service facilities that have access to the general public, while the second level contains more fl exible offi ce space and the third level hosts the representational offi ces for the bank officers. The circulation scheme of both blocks consists of a central hallway with rooms opened to the exterior on both sides forming a sort of crown that is crossed transversely by corridors that connect to the elevator and stair cores.


The conceptual architectural image makes reference to a medieval fortress structure with a double belt of walled protection that is punctuated by watch towers. The complex is therefore distinctively modular in both the structural and constructive senses, with the only exception to those portions dedicated to the special parts of the complex.




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