dubai, united arab emirate

Project name:

MAG MBR City - District 7 Dubai, UAE



Masterplan, Mixed use



2016 -



MAG Property Development


SCA Scope:

Pre-Concept, Concept design



Land area 478 500,00 sqm

GFA 310 000,00 sqm


Construction Cost:




Restricted design competition



PAISA' landscape

D7: an hyper-connected cellular ecosystem


In our proposal, MBR CITY D7 is designed as a urban green gated community, conceived as an emotional and sensory urban environment where the spaces are hyper-connected, as the people who walk through it.

A green integrated system arranged across different layers contributes to the development of this  urban reality, where green areas ensure the effectiveness, aesthetic quality and affordability of the project.

To create an urban hyper-connected green community, we have designed a courtyard and squares system that represents the idea of human scale architecture and constitutes a sophisticated organization of semi-private and semi-public spaces.


This kind of design promotes the community's social life, as well as a greater connection between the various areas and their emotional and sensory dimension.

The D7 is conceived as a genuine cellular system, like as human body: the heart is the Civic Center and the arteries are the main axes that relate the whole area with the external “world” and the Burj Khalifa, at the north.

We have proposed a contribute to creation of an efficient, functional and affordable ecosystem, ensuring a strong sense of belonging and safety, defining a model of urban environment located in its social, cultural, economic, geographical and climatic context.




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