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Teheran - Iran






Golestan Property Development Group, Iran



45570 sqm

The Isatis residential tower rises in the Northern outskirts of Teheran, in a high-end residential neighbourhood characterized by the spectacular presence of the Alborz mountains, providing a backdrop for the Iranian capital. The building is an apart-hotel, a structure meant to host foreign guests and local businessmen for medium and long-term periods.

The building has 23 floors and basement levels; it establishes a new landmark for the city, giving life to a vigorous plastic form, intensely sculptured by sunlight, highlighting its chiaroscuro effects. The composition is based on the volumetric articulation of large masses, studied to optimize the views towards the exterior landscape. It is clad by a semi-transparent metal skin, intended to reduce heat gain within the residential spaces. Thanks to this peculiar architectural image, the building means to draw a thin connection line with the great Persian architecture of the past, such as the mosques at Shiraz or Isfahan, or the Naqš e Rostam in Fars.

The two lower levels host common functions such as the entrance hall, a restaurant, a spa and a business club, all designed to become urban-level meeting spaces. The upper floors are entirely residential, with high-end apartments ranging from 70 to 200 sqm. The top floor, surrounded by a wide panoramic terrace, hosts a restaurant.

Each interior space was accurately studied, with the idea of giving life to places of particular character, where both inhabitants and guests can feel at home and pleasantly carry out their activities.




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