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This is the place where most of the boats - more than three hundred - are collected. In addition to the infrastructure of the port with several jetties divided into three major groups, it includes a reinterpretation of a fishers village, the shopping area , the residences of the harbor, a conference center with connected facilities and a spectacular Yacht Club .

The marina has metaphorically a shape that reminds to a flower and the waves of the sea. A large wooden cover, so peculiar, is an arm that embraces and welcomes the visitors. The structure gives the entire complex a familiar and naturally materialized environment.



The golf course is part of the artificial canal system, close to the residences. It has as main point the playing field with the clubhouse, close to the entrance of our intervention area. From there spread the three sections, each with nine holes, with a total of 27.

The total area used is about 90 Ha.

The careful study of visual and the subsequent landscaping permit the players to enjoy amazing landscapes with great natural impact without the “interference” of the built-up areas. In order to keep the integrity of the golf camp.



The project includes two parks; the first, very broad, includes the area of the Site of Community Importance ( S.I.C. ) as well as a 30 m long wide band along the northern part, before the golf course.In this part there are a reforestation to restore and strengthen native species and the destination of some phytoremediation areas.

The usability of the area S.I.C. is limited to the marked routes and identified with the boardwalks raised above the ground. By reusing an existing artifact, will organized an information center also organized as a meeting place.



The residential units in the project are a relevant part of the masterplan. They are, along with the marina, the most significant elements.

They are divided into classes depending on the floor area and the lot size. Most part of the accommodations is the “land-sea“ kind and each residence has two privileged views: on one side the morrored waters and on the other the golf course or the park. Each house is integrated within the green and the water, key method of the project.




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