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Passion is the essence of every creative process in SCA

We combine the uniqueness of Italian Style with the international taste of innovation. In these years of practice, our studio has developed an innovative and sustainable approach towards architecture through a wide range of work.


Moving from urban masterplans to interior design, we have always promoted elegance and originality. Elegance is not to flaunt last trendy creation. Elegance is an attitude. It’s to be original and smart with intelligence and knowledge. Originality is to be able to influence the trend of your time, bringing forward what it will be.


We develop a tailor-made design where signs of traditional, high quality, original and authentic Made in Italy is fused with contemporary elements and experimentation. Passion is the essence of every creative process in SCA. Curiosity is the hand lens that permit us to explore every context, place, design and to  take on every challenge.

We live time. We create spaces. We compose athmospheres.

We feel the rhythm of the Present to play the Future

We are an international group of architects, designers, researchers and thinkers that work to give an alternative way of designing and building based on innovation, sustainability, authenticity, leavability and respect of  cultures and diversities.


SCA forms architectures weaving together relations, experiences, histories, desires in a unique, harmonic system. We feel the rhythm of the Present to play the Future.


Our studios are based in Rome, Italy, since 1973, and in Dubai, UAE, since 2006. With these offices, SCA serves a diverse client base across a variety of markets around the globe. We are able to provide a powerful combination: worldwide experience and local knowledge. This skill, added with our background, gives us  the liveliness and confidence to look forward.


We create network with our clients and explore all architectural possibilities to satisfy their demands and to build environments, contexts that mirror the identity of the community. We research possibilities to shape new realities, new places where everyone can be himself.

Architecture is the art of shaping space

We are people that work around a human-oriented design because we strongly believe that Architecture is giving shape and structure to a worldview where human being is the heart and the scale inside urban realities.


Architecture is the art of shaping space, material and light. It expresses the Zeitgeist of every epoch and place. For this reason innovation and creativity are at the core of what we do.

But Architecture is also guaranteeing the well-being of the community and give its best expression. For this reason, we consider sustainability an essential part of the entire process, since the project’s ideation.


The challenge we daily face with passion is designing and building spaces able to achieve this idea of living beyond simple exercises in style and estheticism. It is our contribution to common heritage, shaping the present and planning the future.

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