We feel the rhythm of the Present to play the Future

We are an international group of architects, designers, researchers and thinkers that work to give an alternative way of designing and building based on innovation, sustainability, authenticity, leavability and respect of  cultures and diversities.


SCA forms architectures weaving together relations, experiences, histories, desires in a unique, harmonic system. We feel the rhythm of the Present to play the Future.


Our studios are based in Rome, Italy, since 1973, and in Dubai, UAE, since 2006. With these offices, SCA serves a diverse client base across a variety of markets around the globe. We are able to provide a powerful combination: worldwide experience and local knowledge. This skill, added with our background, gives us  the liveliness and confidence to look forward.


We create network with our clients and explore all architectural possibilities to satisfy their demands and to build environments, contexts that mirror the identity of the community. We research possibilities to shape new realities, new places where everyone can be himself.

Passion is the essence of every creative process in SCA

We combine the uniqueness of Italian Style with the international taste of innovation. In these years of practice, our studio has developed an innovative and sustainable approach towards architecture through a wide range of work.


Moving from urban masterplans to interior design, we have always promoted elegance and originality. Elegance is not to flaunt last trendy creation. Elegance is an attitude. It’s to be original and smart with intelligence and knowledge. Originality is to be able to influence the trend of your time, bringing forward what it will be.


We develop a tailor-made design where signs of traditional, high quality, original and authentic Made in Italy is fused with contemporary elements and experimentation. Passion is the essence of every creative process in SCA. Curiosity is the hand lens that permit us to explore every context, place, design and to  take on every challenge.

Architecture is the art of shaping space

We are people that work around a human-oriented design because we strongly believe that Architecture is giving shape and structure to a worldview where human being is the heart and the scale inside urban realities.


Architecture is the art of shaping space, material and light. It expresses the Zeitgeist of every epoch and place. For this reason innovation and creativity are at the core of what we do.

But Architecture is also guaranteeing the well-being of the community and give its best expression. For this reason, we consider sustainability an essential part of the entire process, since the project’s ideation.


The challenge we daily face with passion is designing and building spaces able to achieve this idea of living beyond simple exercises in style and estheticism. It is our contribution to common heritage, shaping the present and planning the future.

We live time. We create spaces. We compose atmospheres.



Chairman / CDO

Angelo Costa earned an architectural degree in 2001 and a Ph.D. in Architettura e Costruzione, Spazio-Società at the Faculty of Architecture Valle Giulia of La Sapienza University, in Rome. He is registered professionally as an Architect since 2002 with the Order of Architects of the City and Province of Rome. As CEO he closely follows the evolution of the project process - from feasibility study to construction supervision - and deals with all design aspects and processing of construction documents.  Besides being involved in the architectural world, Mr. Costa has dedicated himself to innovative design and research activities by participating to many design competitions. His leadership has successfully transitioned the Company from a national to an international consultancy and shaped the practice into a strong organization capable of absorbing all sizes and categories projects.



Ali’s 20+ years multifaceted professional journey is commemorated by him joining Studio Costa Architecture. Ali passionately promotes sustainable design and wellbeing practices.  He has worked with world class brands within the architectural finishes industry offering consultancy and solutions for the corporate workspace, residential, healthcare, educational and hospitality sectors. Ali had established and managed the Middle East branch for Cosentino (Silestone and Dekton) .

His fortitude is business leadership in General Management, Strategy, Sales and Marketing is celebrated through a solid network of key contacts and influential stakeholders. Ali is an active member of Young Arab Leaders, Build Dubai and The Capital Club.  Ali has a Master’s Degree and Diplomas in International Trade and Marketing from Kühnel Escuela de Negocios in Spain. He is coached through The Leadership Circle 360 program. Ali is fluent in English, Spanish, Arabic, also he speaks Italian and French.


Design Principal

Valeria Alfonsi is a Chief architect and Team Leader in SCA leading projects of all sizes and different disciplines. She graduated in Architectural Design in 2008 from the Faculty of “Architettura Valle Giulia” of the University “La Sapienza” in Rome. She is a licensed architect registered at the Orders of Architects of Rome (equivalent to RIBA). She earned over ten year of experience in international design firms working in high profile projects and awarded competitions. She is deeply skilled in Luxury Interior Design, Office Interior Design, Hospitality Design, Educational Design, Master Planning and Residential Design. She is a good team player, capable to lead design team in fast paced projects, delivering high quality and sustainable design. She is responsible of the entire Project Design process from the Concept to the Construction & Tender Documentation Phase. Her deep knowledge of the overall realization aspects assures the best quality of the final architectural result. During the entire process she’s always aimed to deliver the best project for the client, the community and the construction site.


Design Principal

Veronica Didier is a Chief Architect and Team leader in SCA. She is responsible of the aesthetical, distributional and technical aspects of design. She overlooks the entire design process assuring the quality of the finished product. She is a senior architect with a twenty-years experience in Concept Design, Final Design,Tender Documents and Building Construction, gained in both private and public sectors. After a long working experience in France, she moved to Italy to join the most important national Architecture Enterprises. Actually she is involved as Project Responsible Architect and a Design Director in SCA. Her duties include the coordination of the design process especially between the SCA and the external consultants and contractors. She is highly trained in cost control management and construction phases management assuring the continuity and quality of the design. She is in charge of the good result of the construction. She is a licensed architect registered in Italy at the Association of Architects of Rome since 2003. She took her Master degree in Architecture in Rome at the Università di Architettura la Sapienza in 2000, and she studied in Rome and in Paris, at the Ecole d’Architecture Paris La seine. She had several working experiences abroad. From 1998 to 1999 she worked for Architecture Studio in Paris, while in 2001-2002 she joined the Massimilano Fuksas atelier in Paris where she was the Project Leader of several awarded competitions. Then she moved in New York where she worked for Leeser Architecture as design architect. In 2002 she moved back to Rome to join the ABDR architecture studio (2002-2006) where she was involved in one of the most important projects of the capital city. Since 2006 she joined SCA as a Project Responsible Architect, during this period she followed many important projects in Rome and Dubai, where she moved to follow the Final Design and Tender Documents of a prestigious project.



Design Principal

Luca Rocchi is an Engineer registered at ‘’Order of Engineers of the City and Province of Rome’’ (Italy) with over 5 years of experience in architecture, both technical and design parts, regarding residential and office design and master planning. He graduated in 2013 at University of Rome ‘’Sapienza’’. In 2013 he also achieved the title of ‘’CSP and CSE Safety coordinator on site’’.

During his studies he deepened his architectural preparation on these themes: “Steel Contructions Design for Fire safety”;''Earthquake resistant construction of buildings''; ‘’Steel structures’’, and Bioclimatic architecture. In 2013 he joined SCA where he actually works as Design Director. He follows the design from the concept phase throughout the entire process to tender and construction documents. He follows the site construction and its cost management too, to obtain an highly level of correspondence between the construction and the architectural project. He oversees all the IT aspects and the quality management system, to ensure an high quality of the entire design process.


Design Principal

David Rizzuti is the Project Director at SCA with his over 10 years of international experience in designing and managing a wide range of projects, from Residential to Retail, Food and Beverage, Hospitality, Healthcare and Education. Graduated with honors in Architecture from Roma Tre University in 2006 and registered at Architectural Association of Rome, David had a dynamic career which reflects a rich experience in delivering award-winning boutiques, stand alone and large-scale international projects with well-established architectural design firms in Europe and Middle East. .

Prior to SCA, David was a Senior Design Manager at MERAAS’s Retail Design Dept. where he had a primary role in delivering some of the most significant destinations in Dubai, such as City Walk, Last Exit, La Mer and The Beach. As a Project Executive, David’s role is to ensure that all the projects are executed within budget, on time and fulfilling SCA’s high quality standards. He is also in charge of staffing, internal procedures, design and management guidelines, resources allocation related to project phasing.

Davide Giambelli

Senior BIM Manager

Manuel Petacchiola

Senior Architect

Cristina Molfetta

Senior Architect

Vidhya Gopinathan

Senior Structural Engineer

Hydayat Khan

Senior Resident Engineer

Claudia Cerrelli

Senior Architect

Giulia Carriere

Senior Architect

Livia Geusa

Senior Architect

Paola Mencacci

Senior Architect

Michelangelo Pace

Visual Artist

Flavia Mini


Romina Carpentieri


Cristian Ferri


Alessia Scavo


Federico Galizi


Clara Tambasco


Caterina Falvo


Giovanni Guarino

Senior Visualizer

Marco Poeta

IT Manager

Marvin Mari

Senior IT

Fraidun Tomasoro

Model Maker

Andrea Dalla Valle


Jimmy Ferdinand Testa

Office Keeper

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