Project name:

Residenza Tarvisum, Luxury Residential Complex



Numeria SGR



Residential Architecture



2016 -






7400 mq


Construction Cost:

22.000.000 euros


SCA Scope:

Concept Design, Schematic Design, Final Design, Contruction Doc & Procurement


Design Team:

Angelo Costa (Project Leader), Veronica Didier (Project Leader), Valeria Alfonsi, Luca Rocchi, Paola Mencacci, Giulia Carriere, Consuelo Nuñez, Federica Musaio, Clara Tambasco



Strutture: Contini, Impianti: Bovo,

Landscape: Paisà, Rendering: NEMA



Opifex Laboratorio Digitale

A Luxury residential complex with double facades


The complex, near the city center, is part of a large requalification of the ex headquarters of the Treviso’s Province of Treviso. The project involves the creation - following the demolition and reconstruction of the main building - of a luxury residential complex with a private garden; a large square for public use and the renovation and conversion of an historical building designed by M. Piacentini called "Ex Sala Consiliale and Ex Sala Marton ".


The building's facade conception is based on a double language. The west front, which runs along Via San Liberale, is characterized by a grid composed of a double order of vertical and horizontal elements distributed according to a modularity that at the same time dialogues with the context and recalls the old building's facade. The east front, which overlooks the private garden, is instead characterized by continuous balconies that underline the horizontality of the whole building. The two facades dialogue through the presence of the brise-soleil where green vegetation climbs, an element that unifies the facades of the entire complex, giving it  at the same time balance and vibration. The combination brise-soleil + green, produces shadow and color games, mitigating the monumentality of the grid and making the façade a dynamic and vital system.


The choice of a double solution for facades, however, is not dictated only by environmental and aesthetic reasons, but also by the research for a greater comfort inside the apartments (with double exposure). In fact, by arranging the living areas to the east, the inhabitants are given the opportunity to have a large outdoor area consisting of the loggia + balcony system, which directly overlooks the private garden and looks on the historic center of Treviso, extending to the Alps in the background. At the same time, the private areas, located on the west front, have an outdoor loggia space, enjoying the introspection given by the setback of the internal façade.




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