mina rashid



Residential Architecture, Leisure facilities, Hospitality






Dubai Municipality/DP World



Concept design - Competition


Square meters amont:

1. 136, 609




Towns and cities grow, survive and prosper because they attract and retain people and businesses. We need towns, cities and suburbs which offer a high quality of life and opportunity for everyone. Where we live affects how we live and who we are. The aim of LEGE is to create high quality place which people can be proud to live in, in order to change the destiny of Port Rashid into the engine of the future growth and wealth of Dubai: Mina Rashid. We want Mina Rashid to be a place for people, place designed, built and maintained in order to contribute to the quality of life and encourage healthy and sustainable lifestyles. This is a place in which we want to live, work, bring up our children, and spend our leisure time; a place which promote economic success and allow people to share in rising prosperity, attracting and retaining successful businesses. Places that grow true to their locality are likely to be sustainable, enjoyable and to attract investment – intellectual, cultural and financial. An appreciation of local climate, urban form, culture, topography, building types and materials is necessary to nurture local distinctiveness. At a time when many places are beginning to look alike, we believe that our masterplan has the potential to reinforce local character and create places with a real sense of identity.




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