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59778 sqm

The integrated design, characterizing choice at the base of the conceptual design process of the New Hospital in Doha, is an opportunity for evaluation and selection of energy technologies and systems. The construction of the project, and prior demolition of existing buildings takes place in the presence of continuous operation of the hospital.

The project, in addition to a gallery for the storage of the demolition landfill, provides for specific measures of containment and monitoring of the works for the purpose of minimizing pollution and noise of the surrounding environment.

Some areas have been studied as complex energy systems, able to accommodate parking areas and passageways among various departments and at the same time function as solar energy captors in summer and solar chimneys in the winter sun and intermediate seasons.


The architecture presents, therefore, reoccurring large glazed areas that transfer the heat picked up in the winter and intermediate seasons to the cooler parts of the building. In summer the shields, made of special photovoltaic cells integrated into the glass, allow the limitation of the irradiation, while appropriate solar chimneys and open systems provide adequate comfort conditions. The raw material consumption will be reduced by reusing selected materials recovered from demolition. We have foreseen the use of rapidly renewable materials and local building materials, so as to limit pollution in road transport. The project exclude the use of materials that can lead to risk of loss, over time, mineral fibers and VOC (volatile organic compounds). The natural lighting of rooms has been particularly looked into, not only for integration with artificial lighting for energy savings, but also for the benefits of the perception of indoor and loosening of places for the improvement of living conditions in different healthcare settings.




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