Edited by Maria Cristina Costando and Photograph by Francesco Galli, Marsilio Editori, Venice, 2007.

“Studio Costa ecompasses two generations, from 1973 to today. Over the years it has evolved into distinct phases: firstly it operated exclusively in Italy in the public work sector, currently it is actively involved in an international context.

[…] Following his paternal tradition, Angelo Costa has inherited a professional expertise which is helping him to transform the firm and to mark the beginning of a new way of relating to the world of Architecture […]. The photographs do not want to provide an exhaustive reading of the projects, but rather a documentation of their vitality, their urban integration, their permeable qualities, their fruition, their wear and tear”. Maria Cristina Costanzo


Our job is not only shaping new spaces but also establishing a scrupulous and faithful partnership with the client.Trust is becoming a rare commodity in our contemporary world, but we are persuaded that sharing the same goal, same principles and values is the added-value of our approach.


Our design approach is based on the strength of one, integrated team that provide to solve every need of our client. SCA’s constant and accurate control throughout the process permit to not miss any detail and to develop anhigh quality architectural design minimizing time and budget.We consider the efficiency the main strategy to realize our mission: designing innovative and livable realities for and around people.


Our approach is based on the continuous investigation of new possibilities of construction. We are fully convinced that the success of a project starts from the initial stage of the research. That is why we carefully and constantly study the contexts we work in. Our multidisciplinary research considers topological, cultural and social studies. SCA’s belief is that expertise and research are the most effective tool to develop projects improving the present and building a more liveable future.


Our strong belief is creating a human-centered architecture, soul of every our research and project. This is possible only starting from a complete sustainable design. In order to accomplish this humanistic concept of a human-oriented design, we develop the whole project around the user, considered as a human being, with all his feelings and psychological, social and cultural needs. In SCA, everything suites the client’ necessities, from the biggest urban structure to the smallest interior design detail.


Our mission is to become the client’s advisor in all stages of the creative process, from ideation to execution, and in every typology of work, moving from masterplan to interior design.We believe strongly in design as a process,viewing every parameter of a project as an opportunity ratherthan a constraint.When approached strategically, normally restrictive factorshave been transformed into the catalyst that has enabled usto provide innovative architecture whilst also meeting tightbudgets and rigorous design and construction schedules.

Starting from urban planning and road network, including landscape, park areas and neighborhoods, to detailed building design and their interior details, we create unique and elegant spaces where total quality is the basis of their essence.

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